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“These are the roots of trees, O monks, these are empty huts. Meditate, monks, do not be negligent, or else you will regret it later. This is our instruction to you.”
~ The Buddha
AN 7:70



Bhavana Society Podcast

Dhamma Delivered to You

The podcast offers a way for you to have Bhavana Dhamma talks downloaded automatically to your computer or alerts send to you by e-mail.

By Podcast Receiving Software

If you use iTunes, just go to the music store and do a search for Bhavana Society. Then click on subscribe. It's free. If you use other software, cut and paste the following address into your podcast software or click on the link to get more instructions.

By E-Mail

If you are not familiar with podcasting and would prefer just to be notified when a new talk has been posted on the site, you can receive notice by e-mail. Just enter your address below and click "Subscribe." Then follow the simple instructions. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you have any problems, you can Contact Us.
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More Information on Podcasts

The Bhavana Website has new audio talks added on a regular basis. Rather than having to remember to check for something new, you can subscribe to our podcast. Think of it like subscribing to a magazine. You don't have to go to the news stand to look for new issues, they just get delivered to your door. In the same way, once you have the software set up on your computer, it can check for new audio.

To find out more about podcasting, please visit the following link to Wikipedia.